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Why is the tutoring so cheap?

I have studied paying and exsuverant amount of money before and I felt I was inside a yellow cab from Brooklyn to Connecticut. That is no way to enjoy the landscape. For me learning is fun, something for which you have to be relaxed. Besides, I donīt have loans to pay.

Why you and not another tutor?

The fact that Iīm a published award winning writer may help you decide: because in order to know a language being born in the country where it is spoken is not enough.

Is there a difference between Castilian and Spanish from Argentina?

Yes, there is a difference. In Argentina they conjugate the verbs in a different way and the accent is different also. That doesnīt mean you cannot learn from an Argentinian teacher, of course you can. However I donīt think you want to learn twice how to conjugate in away you can make yourself understood in other Spanish speaking countries.

Learning Castilian can help you pronounce the original Spanish.

Example: The Word Zapato, most spanish speaker would say “sapato” with an S instead of “zapato” With a Z which is the original and best way of speaking, Non the less once you have learned to say Zapato with an S no teacher will make you pronounce the Z sound anymore.

Do you use fancy teaching methods like The Rassias?

The only way for you to learn is willing to learn. You donīt need fancy methods.

Will I start speaking Spanish as soon as I see you coming into my facility?

No, to start speaking a language from the first minute you have to pay a fee of $70 an hour. I guarantee that you will learn quickly how to say: “Fuck, whereīs my money?”, in Spanish (with a little accent)